Sustain-ability is something I'm continually learning how to incorporate in my thoughts and actions. My work with leaf tannins as fabric surface color source continues to teach me how to appreciate seasons. I recently read a tidbit that nurtured my sense of be still, rest with knowing growth is happening.


   Follow the great circle and allow Standstill to unleash an innovative approach within you. Just as winter appears as a time when the world appears lifeless, there is much going on in your underground world. Ten thousand seeds are becoming the landscape of your spring.  ~ KARI HOHNE   I Ching Hexagram 12 P'i (Standstill)Action: ReleaseHu Gua (hidden influence) 53 Development: PermeateZong Gua (underlying cause) 11 Peace: Relax 


The month of May in Southern Illinois is a tumult of pop up tornadic storms and a likewise plethora of native plant growth exploding everywhere -as well the Mighty Mississippi river is back up on the banks carrying diversity in her steady onward currents. I never really know what was planted in my spirit through the resting until I begin moving forward with new collections. Yes I know a little leaf doodle is anything but grand expression but it is taking me confidence with courage to brush direct onto cloth.  I don't have the patience to sketch things out first, plus I want to experience a freshly immergered translation. The standstill is difficult for makers, if you know you know and I'm the kind of maker that lives with deep prophetic garble itching to be expressed. 

this is a social media post from last years spring . I feel like it is a reoccuring spring nuance because it still feels like home. To my jewelry expressions this year I have added tidbits of driftwood collected along the banks of the receeded Mississippi. Many a winter season day I found refuge visiting the banks, appreciating the place of giving what was stuck in my emotions to the rivers flow. I'm just getting on with Spring collections and I thank you for indulging in the gentle essence of time. 

eco print dress with gemstone necklace featured with adjacent quote working with natural materials are lessons in humility with dignity and perfecting a healthy respect for the nature of time

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